WDB - Toolmanagement

Toolmanagement the easy way!


System requirements

The software "WDB - Tool database" is a server-based application to manage tools, repairs, actions, documents and appointments.

The application is based on Adobe Flash in conjunction with Java and a underlying database.

Only on one server is the installation required. Thereafter you are able to access the toolmanagement from every PC directly. No further installation on the client-PC is needed! That is why a quick launch is guaranteed.

Server-side requirements

  • installed Apache Tomcat (version 6.0 or newer) - incl. Java 1.5 or newer
  • installed database (MySQL version 5.0 or newer, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle)
  • BlazeDs
  • adequate disk space

Client-side requirements

  • web browser
  • installed Adobe FlashPlayer
  • connection with the company network to access the application

Information & Demo

Please leave your email-adress to receive further information and access to the demo system of the toolmanagement.